The Wheels of Stil Garage

There´s no place for anabolic nonsense in my garage. Instead, Wheels of Stil stands for tasty classics with a particular character. Cars and bikes with true identity. Devoid of cladding. And very entertaining… To me, refining their personality in my own workshop and using them properly is what it´s all about.

Apart from my modern Turbo-Fiesta that performs great as cheap getaway car, there are a few other motors in front of my door: The Benz is brilliant at continental cruising, a couple of motorbikes (Guzzi V7, Yamaha DT2, Ducati 916) serve different riding styles, and the Ducati Superracer can be a weapon on the track.

That sounds well-sorted, doesn´t it? But I kept quiet about my small MG so far. Its´ restoration has morphed into a huge V8-project which feels like a life´s work. Sure, the GT will soon be finished. But, please, leave the interpretation of „soon“ up to me. 😉