I did many features of custom shops and motorcycle builders over the last decade, learning a lot about this business. In fact, what I learned most is that it´s not a business at all. At least if you expect it to pay the bills.

Running a custom shop is more of a passion, a nerdy hobby that gains some profits. But hardly anybody makes a living out of it. Sad, but true.

Hookie Co. from Dresden is no exception from this rule. The team started in 2014 – with creative customs, loads of idealism and energy. Their holistic marketing concept was one of a kind. But that did not matter. The vision of fulfilment was soon spoiled by reality. However, to compensate for the lack of income, founders Sylvia and Nico became far more creative than most of their fellows.

Today, Hookie Co. is a motorcycle parts manufactory, of course. But also a think tank, design agency, fashion label, consultancy, social company, part of the sharing community – a pool of ideas. Seems that this custom thingy was just an intermediate step for them.