I thought I´ve seen it all. High-end classics, ultra-rare small volumes, top-notch resto-mods and rotten dailies – the lot. But this very strange prototype left me rather speechless. So, meet the Apal Corsa V6 Coupé, shot for Motor Klassik.

The wheelbase of this VW bug-based special is shortened radically. But instead of using the obvious (but sluggish) Volks-boxer, the Belgian manufacturer put a Ford Capri 2.0 V6 behind the rear axle. The water pump pulley actually drills through the rear bumper. That kind of matches the racy approach of standing pedals and a Supertrapp performance exhaust.

As if that´s not enough, the look of the fiber glass body incorporates gull wing doors, a Porsche 904-ish front, a far too short rear overhang with scuttled c-pillar plus air ride. Oh, did I mention the oversize tires with chromed Mangels rims?

Cutting to the chase, this car is nothing but a childish dream, and an automotive extravaganza. I´m glad cars like this Matchbox-like reincarnation are still good for a surprise.