Having the privilege of seeing the greatest workshops and garages around the world is also a burden. You get spoiled over time, and bored by highlights. On the other hand, you start realizing what really makes the difference. And I can tell… It´s not the exclusivity of cars and motorcycles, nor is it the sheer size or quality of equipment a garage has to offer. Real distinction comes from utility and personality. Because a workshop tells you a lot about its´ owner.

So I was not surprised that, when I opened the gates of my personal dream garage for the very first tome, I heard quotes like: “Oh, Sven, that´s so much you!” Admittedly, I felt quite pleased hearing that, since the build of the workshop took nearly two years of planning, DIY construction, blood and sweat – literally.

In the end, the 120 m² space in an old barn from 1936 delivers just what I need. Enough space for two cars, a couple of motorcycles, dedicated wrenching rooms, a huge storage level and office plus chill area aside. It´s a dream come true, and also a retreat that made overcoming the Corona lock-down much, much easier.