You must admit that the huge diversity of books for motoring enthusiasts is mind-blowing these days. No topic untouched, no car unseen.

That makes it quite a task to discover real reading treasures which impress both, specialists and hobbyists. One of these rare examples is Gestalten´s Fast Forward – a stunning book about the true spirit of concept cars and their inspirational dialogue with time, technology and fashion. It includes a vast and well-curated selection of classic and modern automotive visions, as well as exclusive interviews with insiders like Adrian van Hooydonk or portraits about legends called Giugiaro, Pininfarina or Gandini.

Thanks to my buddy and publisher Max Funk, I did my best to translate major parts of Fast Forward into German. Now, that my work is done, you can also enjoy this title in my mother tongue. “Los geht´s…!”