Fiete is a master in what he does. Running a special effects studio for advertising productions, he definitely knows how to make the impossible possible. A couple of dedicated workshops in his company offer an analogue solution for pretty much every problem. No CGI whatsoever!

His private motorcycle collection exudes similar vibes. Among 30 bikes or so, you can find his first Supermoto – built at a time when Supermotos didn’t exist. There are small two-stroke bikes, evidence of a happy childhood. You can discover ambitious classic trial bikes, which he races with success. Some Flat Trackers… And then, there’s a selection of Harleys.

His black Knuckle custom with knobby tires is simple, yet stunning from any angle. But it’s the other Knuckle, a 1939, that Fiete uses as a daily. Featuring poor brakes, a hard tail frame, adjustable ignition, foot clutch and left hand shifter, the bike is far from being easy in town. But Fiete glides through Hamburg’s traffic with no fuss, with his left hand gently switching the gears under his bottom.

Seeing this virtuosic interaction between man and machine is something very special to me. Which is why I pitched this guy to represent a competent and authentic Harley owner – for the 120th anniversary of the Milwaukee brand in 2023…