It is not easy to roust the classic car scene these days. People have seen everything – from sunken Bugattis to buried Ferraris. A car that has been on the streets for 84 years, in the hands of one owner for five centuries, and for sale on public trade shows does not sound very special. Just a nice pre-war career, you might think…

But this red BMW called “KR6” is a completely different ball game. Once built as one-off for German racer Eugen Stösser in 1934, the car originally featured a Zoller supercharger, pumping up a 1100cc in-line-six engine (type 78). For a works BMW chassis, this is truly unique.

The car vanished after two years in European motorsports. The Stösser-BMW was completely transformed, shipped to America and used as sports tourer. Its´ vivid racing past on tracks like AVUS and Nürburgring was soon forgotten. Thanks to good luck and unbelievable circumstances, the current owner managed to uncover the complete history of the KR6. Which makes it the oldest BMW race car on the planet. And the only one with a supercharger.

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