Carroll Shelby´s partnership with Ford began in 1965 when the race car driver and builder transformed the first Mustang into a highly competitive performance machine. The “Shelby GT 350” – featuring a modified V8, enhanced suspension and distinctive styling – became an instant hit. The rental car company Hertz was so crazy to order nearly 1.000 units for their own fleet in 1966. These cars, called “GT 350-H”, are very expensive these days. Because most of them ended up in the woods, driven by over-ambitious (and overwhelmed) hobby racers.

So an authentic Hertz-Mustang is a very rare sight these days. Even more when the car is surrounded by its younger brothers. The pros of V8-Werk near Dresden were so kind to open their collection of perfectly restored or preserved Ponies. Which made the shooting with an additional 1967 GT500 and a 1968 “King of the Road” a very muscular experience. My day with these small and big blocks underlined that Shelby´s creations – celebrated for their blend of performance, heritage and unique design – are a coveted piece of automotive history for good reason.