Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is best known for its´ tranquility. The region 1,5 hours North of my hometown Berlin cannot offer much more than nature. But actually, that´s what “MV” is really good at. The huge sky tops a variety of lakes, rivers, woods, meadows and marshland. Most roads are empty, not too demanding and stretch from one little village to the next.

It´s the perfect setting for a road trip on a classic motorcycle, especially at the end of the season. Imagine some kind of German Indian summer… Surrounded by intense autumn colors, you pass old manor houses, forgotten hamlets or market towns, where the hot-footed monotony of everyday life is blown away by the singsong of resting bird flocks on harvested fields.

They will head South very soon, because overnight frost introduces the upcoming winter. So taking the chance of a last hooray on the vintage Triumph is a very refreshing experience. It revives both, your heart and your soul.