Hans-Jürgen was a medical student in 1974. He bought a used green Porsche 356 C Convertible, for 4.200 DM – money he earned as stage assistant at a theater on Kurfürstendamm. His father declared him crazy, spending so much on an old car. But, hey, these were different times…

A year and many thousand kilometers later, you sold the Porsche for a whopping 5.200 DM, and lost sight of it ever since. Until 2016, when he rediscovered a very interesting 356 on the streets of Berlin. It was not an ordinary 356, but one with discreetly flared rear wheel arches – just like his old car from the 1970s. After some research and chats with Jürgen Baller, the current owner, it turned out to be “his”. Even better, the duo found out that the first date of registration was June 25th 1964, the birthday of Hans-Jürgen´s wife, which he did not even know when he owned the car back then.

Of course, both men became friends over this coincidence, sharing their passion for old Porsches. Hans-Jürgen owns a stunning red Coupe by now. And Jürgen Baller takes care of the Convertible, that was once a worn student prowler.

Shot for Motor Klassik Issue 10-2022.