I often feel like I should have been born into the 1950s, and not more than 30 years later. Because this era offered so many iconic and interesting approaches to vehicle design. Race cars for example were only inspired by engineers, which lead to a very functional, yet stunningly beautiful design language. Brabham´s F1 racers and Lotus monopostos – the unbeatable Lotus 49 in particular – are my all time favorite single-seaters.

So you can imagine that driving a small version of those cars, a 2-liter Crosslé Formula Ford, was very special to me. Sitting behind the tiny steering wheel, cramped into a tubular chassis whilst trashing down the Charade circuit in France with 180 km/h and the front wheels rattling in front of you under hard braking, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Huge thanks to Classic Racing School for making this happen, and cheers to my buddy Götz Göppert for making these very memorable photos.

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