To many enthusiasts, a Ferrari marks the climax of the classic car world. My taste, however, works somewhat differently. To me, its not the fastest, the sexiest or the most stagy model that catches my eye. My measure is oddity, at least very often. And there are many very odd cars out there you´ve never heard of.

One of them might be the Gordon-Keeble GK1. The fiberglass-bodied Gran Turismo is powered by a healthy Corvette V8, offered four Girling disc brakes, a comfy cabin and high-end performance for 1965 standards. Plus, it´s been the very first Giugiaro-project when the 21-year-old talent started his career at Bertone.

The GK1 even comes with a mind-boggling brand history, including the oh-so-British disaster. No doubt about the fact that the GT had a promising future. But it was corrupted by shady investors, a weird product policy and parasitic competition. So only 100 cars were ever made.

No wonder I fell in love with this car immediately. It has everything you need for a perfect story.