There are many dream cars out there. Some long for luxury saloons, others for the dream of their youth. Memories of a Lamborghini Countach poster in the children’s room or grandpa’s old Granada may come into mind. To me, the absolutely average MGB GT, which can be seen at any random Cars & Coffee meet, has a very special place in my heart. This agreeable daily driver delivers more smiles per miles than many more expensive, but insignificantly more charming icons. The pure Brit is the classic car of my life, but anything but elitist.

For this reason, I am putting forward a bold thesis: Popularity and prevalence of a classic are not decisive if you can indulge in the fascination of a particular model. Admittedly, it’s not always easy to escape the reputation of a Ferrari, the impressive price tag of a Gullwing or the attraction of a BMW 507. But many enthusiasts find fulfillment beyond this elite. Statistically speaking, bread and butter vehicles are in the majority by far.

Which is why it was no problem to find a Ford Mustang for a shooting with Motor Klassik. His opponent for the day, the spectacular and extremely rare Iso Grifo, was only found through our insider network. Without a question, the Grifo is an impressive appearance. But as you can see from the pictures, a Mustang can also develop a real aura in front of a historic castle. Actually, the gardener’s clear favorite had a horse and four chrome letters in the front.