Lancia’s Aurelia B20 GT is not only one of the most beautiful cars of the 1950s, but also one of the most technically advanced. It was a beacon of progress amidst post-war mediocrity, and yet, this status was not recognized by many for the last decades. But things have changed. Prices are reaching +100,000 Euros and more. For a reason!

The beautiful, sleek GT, designed by Ghia and built by Pininfarina, is a true masterpiece. Its inventor Vittorio Jano approached things very differently. The car feels nimble and involving, while most competitors of that era struggled with rigid axles and asthmatic engines. Due to its innovative V6, with a con-rod for each piston, the trans-axle gearbox, independent suspension and lightweight aluminium parts – including bumpers and trim, the Aurelia is worlds apart from, say…, a BMW 503 or XK 140 Jag.

With Lancia’s complicated history in mind, this is easily one of the most relevant cars of this unbelievable brand.