Ireland – So Far And So Near

To be fair, reaching Ireland by car from continental Europe is a bit of a struggle (unless your car is something like a fast, ocean-going Amphicar). But the long drive from Berlin via The Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and Wales feels just like a short detour when you grab the steering wheel of a classic. The older the car, the shorter the mile. It´s no secret!

I recently took my 1982 Benz to the Southern coast of Ireland and all along the Wild Atlantic Way. We discovered the beauty of rural landscapes in the heart of the country, visited Dublin and fell in love with so many places full of history. The oldest working lighthouse on the planet? Check. Vast medieval castles? Check. Scientific surprises, massive nature and unbelievable coastline views? Check, check, check. Ireland is a true surprise, a real gem.

With more than 3.000 additional miles on the clock, the Benz has eaten the distance with ease. So have I. Seems like coming back is just a matter of time…